Spambrella為Proofpoint Essentials OEM / White-Label的“全球”專用分銷商




您的品牌,我們的技術Spambrella OEM /再品牌合作夥伴計劃產品是獨一無二的。我們的團隊將刪除任何提及Proofpoint或Spambrella的信息,並將所有服務發送通知更新為您選擇的服務。所有用戶摘要報告都將發送給您的客戶,就像帶有徽標的組織一樣。

Spambrella is a Worldwide email content control security ‘software as a service’ (SaaS) provider. Spambrella has focused on security market weaknesses since inception and continue’s to prove its value through unequalled email security focus, continuity services and affordability. The unified Spambrella portal provides administrators with a central control console for full email protection inbound, outbound DLP, encryption and email archiving. Built on award-winning technology, Spambrella is the first and most important step in keeping your message system sheltered and working. Our fully-managed filtering is a comprehensive email security solution that wipes out more than 99.9% of SPAM, viruses, worms and harmful content and attachments before they even reach your network. Spambrella leverage a unique and patented multi-layered system of more than 20 separate filters, Spambrella core filtering protects against a wide range of email dangers. Utilising over 150 threat centre experts continually updating the defence system to help protect against the latest threats. There is no software to install or complicated techno babble to set up the service. Spambrella provide a range of highly sophisticated and integrated hosted services for all business email protection communication needs. Whether it’s preserving business continuity, protecting confidential information, or ensuring regulatory compliance, Spambrella provides clean, simple and easy solution.